The Story

Founded in 2004, Reva’s Outrageous Cookies are based on a recipe passed and perfected between friends for years. Eat one of Reva’s Outrageous Cookies and you’ll realize why they are the ultimate comfort food. What’s so important about Reva’s Cookies is that our cookies are a community cookie. Everyone we know who tries one becomes a repeat customer. We are thrilled to be able to share these wonderful treats with you and your loved ones.



Revas Cookies


While cupcakes are delightful, and brownies are tasty too, we know there is nothing as satisfying as a big, warm cookie, and at Reva’s Outrageous Cookies, we want to make sure there are enough to go around. Reva’s recipe is special in that it’s the only cookie recipe that can provide something for everyone (and we don’t have to cut back on the chocolate chips to do so). Do you like crisp, textured cookies? Have a Reva’s! Do you like ooey-gooey, crumble-in-your-mouth, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies? Have a Reva’s! Reva’s Cookies are the all-natural, all-encompassing cookie. At Reva’s we use only the freshest, tastiest ingredients, always putting quality first. When you bite into one, you’ll understand why. The Belgian chocolate we use in our Chocolate Chip Cookies is what we are most proud of though, as it is the most flavorful, most delicious, most warm-you-up-inside-kinda-chocolate you’ll find anywhere.